A Few Visions of an Invisible One-Eyed Man

This web site gives additional information about the RLMS approach to automotive rear lighting, about the "arrow diagram" as a useful tool in solving difficult problems in chemical reaction stoichiometry, and about possible magnetic detection of the absolute motion of the earth through space. Use links provided below to view the page of interest.

RLMS Automotive Rear Lighting
This page is not currently available. When it is posted, it will give written information
abour how the RLMS approach (for "red light means stop") could be implemented with simple
changes to existing rear lighting systems, it will describe the operation of RLMS rear lights,
and there will be a limited display of what RLMS rear lights would look like on a vehicle in
front of your vehicle.

Chemical Reaction Stoichiometry
This page gives a relatively difficult problem in chemical reaction stoichiometry and shows how
a powerful conceptually based approach called the "arrow diagram" method could be used in solving the problem.

Magnetic Detection of Ether Drift
A very special new type of experiment with magnets has possibly detected the absolute motion of the earth
through space. Rather than considering the new experiment in any reasonable manner, dogmatist scientists
reject the reasonable, given interpretaion of the experiment with the claim that, since special
relativity has been proven to be "true," the given explanation of the magnet experiment
must be incorrect. Perhaps future generations of scientists won't be so limited by the currently
accepted dogma. The new idea called "undulatory pro[pagation" raises the most significant direct
challenge to the theory of special relativity ever.